What is the Promise?

Drinking and driving is a problem that affects not only the individuals who commit the crime, it affects all people who get in their cars to drive- the father going to get milk for his new baby, the mother picking up her kids from school, and the grandparents driving home from a night at the opera.

The Promise reprsents a commitment not to drink and drive, thus encouraging people to drink responsibly, acting as a reminder for people refrain from drinking and driving. The IPromise bracelets is a representation of that Promise, specifically one made to ones mother not to drink and drive. That said, the Promise is not solely made to ones mother, it is a Promise to the world and the society in which we live.

What do we do?

Awareness is an important component of the IPromise Campaign.

Education is integral to ensuring that people recognize the consequences of the decisions they make. As such, early education is an important vehicle to encourage youth to make wise decisions and drink responsibly. For example, a child should understand to never get into a car with an adult who has been drinking.

The Promise effectively helps save lives on a daily basis through spreading awareness and encouraging outreach to thousands of people nationwide. Making the Promise can be done in many ways, and is for people of all ages. One of the most important ways an individual can make the Promise is by spreading the Promise.

There are many ways to help raise awareness!

For ideas please visit the 'Get Involved' page. If you are interested in initiating a local IPromise presence within your community, please contact a member of the IPromise team through the 'Contact' page above.