Awareness should not have restrictions. IPromise seeks to spread awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving to people around the globe.

IPromise enables people to initiate their own campaigns against drinking and driving, wherever they may live. Drinking and driving is not a municipal, provincial, or even national problem, drinking and driving is an international problem. IPromise encourages people to live borderless when initiating conversations about making the Promise. When it comes to raising awareness about saving lives, there should be no barriers. There is no better feeling than for the IPromise team to come across an article, a flyer, or even a status of a person from a different city or even country who is initiating conversations with their networks about the importance of making the Promise.

Founded as a campaign, IPromise began impacting the lives of thousands of people. IPromise has now grown into a respected and growing social enterprise that operates daily reaching out to thousands of more people to educate them about the Promise. Whether a Canadian is informed about the Promise or an Australian is informed, the Promise is a bordeless symbol that impacts the lives of everyone.

A French IPromise bracelet has been created in order to encourage the international French demographic to understand and make the Promise become a part of their lives. IPromise will not let a language barrier come between education and people willing to partake in the Promise. IPromise campaigns can be started in communities around the world. The IPromise team would be more than happy to accommodate different languages in order to have the Promise live and grow within more communities.