Daily the IPromise team reaches out to hundred's of people making them aware of the Promise. Constantly searching for new and creative ways to inform people about the importance of making the Promise not to drink and drive.
Social media is an important way of reaching out to the public as well as building personal relationships with people who are on board for helping spread the Promise. The Promise should be a part of people's daily conversation.

Emails, phone calls and in person communications are an essential daily task for the IPromise team.

Whether IPromise is building a relationship with a minor hockey team or a large business, the IPromise team treats all relationships equally. Educating the general public about the dangers of impaired driving is key. IPromise is happy to know that not a day will go by without a new person being introduced to the Promise.

Awareness is at the heart of IPromise. All initiatives taken, whether it may be attending a hockey tournament, music festival, or marathon to table are equally as important for the sole purpose of having new people come face to face with the Promise.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the IPromise team to consider, please do not hesitate to contact us!