Make your Promise. Encourage your friends and family to make the Promise!

We recognize the importance of early education regarding the consequences of drunk driving and want to work with you to educate your community! There are a number of ways that you can get involved.

Want to learn how? Contact us via the 'contact' page above.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can get started!

Initiate your own IPromise Campaign within your organization or community


Become an IPromise student intern

Introduce a celebrity or professional athlete to the IPromise Campaign

Sponsor IPromise

Sell the IPromise bracelet at your store, restaurant, or company

Initiate an IPromise fundraiser for your high school prom

Initiate an IPromise fundraiser for your team or organization

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We are always looking to develop new partnerships with companies who appreciate our goals and are willing to help raise awareness for this great cause.


We are currently recruiting IPromise conversation starters!

[What is an IPromise conversation starter? An IPromise conversation starter is an individual who feels it is important to promote the Promise, and is willing to spread the Promise through networking. If you are interested in becoming an IPromise conversation starter, please contact us. We will make sure you are set up with the right tools and information to use, in order to best promote the Promise through networking.]