Students from around the world are influential in taking the first steps towards change.

IPromise enables students to take the initiative in their schools by bringing the Promise to their campus. The ideal way for a student to bring the Promise to their campus is to found the IPromise club on their campus. Whether this is an initiative taken upon by an individual, sorority, or fraternity, this club will help impact peoples perspective about drinking and driving on your campus. Through poster campaigns, tabling, and an overall presence of the Promise on your campus, you will be helping educate through raising awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving.

At IPromise it is important for us to have an on campus presence and we look for ways to work with our affiliated school clubs to have the students make the Promise. All clubs are given a budget from the school in order to operate. With this budget, IPromise is able to supply the club with the necessary, print material, banners, and bracelets to get everything up and running!

Joining the IPromise team through founded your school's IPromise club is a great way to get involved. Demonstrate your leadership and initiative as a socially aware student by contacting us today to join our team and bring an IPromise club to your school.

If you are interested in being a part of the IPromise team in other ways, please contact us as we have plenty of volunteer opportunities available, as well as other student oriented initiatives we can discuss!

Below is an example of a Carleton University student initiative, where custom IPromise bracelets were ordered to be used as an admission bracelet to a night club athletic event that was help by the Athletics Department!