IPromise raises awareness within society's young adults through encouraging university and college students to make the Promise and to acquire knowledge about the consequences of drinking and and driving. IPromise promotes responsible drinking for people of age.

Partnerships between IPromise and schools, allow for amazing on campus poster campaigns to be run throughout the year. Establishing a relationship with school administrations and student governments allow for an interactive experience between the students of the school and IPromise through our effective awareness campaigns.

Most campuses have school bars, highlighting the important presence of educatng the students through awareness campaigns. Whether the partnership is established through school administration, campus safety, professors, the student goverment, or the school administration, we cherish all university and college relationships.

Let's get creative:

All university and college's want to establish a relationship with IPromise in different ways. Whether you see fit for IPromise to have a major on campus presence or a minor presence, contact us today to develop the right fit for your school.

Help your school be as responsible as possible! Prevent injuries and death of students due to drinking and driving, encourage students to make the Promise by educating through spreading awareness.

IPromise offers many volunteer opportunities for university and college students, that may be recommended through the school. From volunteering at RIDE programs, to obtaining an internship position with our team!Our volunteer positions are not restricted by city or areas, please contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of our growing team! Gaining experience as a part of a growing social enterprise is an awesome way to learn while contributing to a better society.